Biking For Kids

Biking is a good recreational activity for families. However, families with small kids are discouraged from doing this activity anymore. They think that the kids will be left out so they just opt for another activity or just stay home. This shouldn’t be the case because biking is perfect for kids. In fact, a lot of fond memories of childhood are from biking. It is not a bad idea to teach your kid to bike at a young age.

Kids as young as four can start biking. At this age, they already develop their balance and leg strength. They can now also follow sets of instructions. However, some kids may not be physically and emotionally prepared for the rigor of riding the bike. Usually, it is the fear of falling or bumping into a dumpster that keeps them from trying. If this is the case with your child, do not pressure him if he is still not ready. Be encouraging and supportive. In time, he will have the courage to give it a go.

Once your child has mustered the strength to try, here are tips to help you teach your child to bike.

Buy a bike

Do not be enticed by fancy designs. It might be the most expensive bike but if it is not the right size, it will make it hard for your child to learn. Ask your child to ride the bike and check if his feet can touch the ground with straight legs. If it does, this is the right bike height for him. The wheels size should run between 14-16 inches. If you can, select a bike that can stop by pedaling backwards.

Read this helpful article that explains what to look for when buying the first bike for your kid.

Be safe 

Look for an open space area away from moving traffic. Parks with well-trimmed grass or paved playgrounds are good options. Like in our place, this company has always kept our area free from unnecessary clutter because of their efficient service. One less thing for a child and parent to worry about. Do not forget to let your child wear safety gears such as a helmet. Make sure the helmet fits the child well. Knowing that he is safe will add to his confidence.

Keep it slow but sure

Ask the child to try to balance with the bike without pedaling. This will help him be aware and practice his balance. Teach him about the parts of the bike and most importantly, how to stop it. Once he’s comfortable, it is pedal time! Hold the back of the bike or the child’s nape to keep him steady. Ask the child to keep looking forward while pedaling. Do not let go until you feel the child is well-balanced and moving at a good speed. It will take a lot of tries so be patient and encouraging.

Let go

Once he is able to pedal the bike without your support, it is time to teach your child how to do it by himself. Ask your child to straddle the bike with one foot on the pedal, while the other one is on the ground. He needs to get ready to pedal and mount the bike at the same time. It is a bit tricky at first but he will soon get the hang of it. Your kid may learn to bike in a few minutes or weeks. There is no rush so stop when it is not fun anymore.