Biking Tour Gone Bad

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to visit my family in Charlotte. It was a big family reunion, and everyone from the side of my father’s family is invited. Knowing me, I wouldn’t pass the chance to give my bike a roll when an opportunity presents itself.

Aside from meeting the rest of my family, I joined my friend Will in touring some of the attractions in Charlotte on our bikes, of course. Some bike trails are too good to be ignored that we decided to stay the night in hostels and continue our journey the next day. Our trip was one for the books, and I promised Will that we would do something the same when he visits me in New Zealand.

The only problem I had during those overnight stay at the hostel was that it seems that I brought bed bugs to our host’s house. I am worried to cause a major infestation at my grandfather’s home, so I came clean and confessed that I saw some bed bugs on my things. I even got some bites to show for.

My grandmother was so upset about the situation, as any grandma who has kept their house in spic-and-span condition through the years, bed bug infestation is a major problem. I just promise to foot the bill for pest clearing operations. We visited the site of the pest control company recommended by my uncle and scheduled an inspection.

The good news is that the bed bugs were not located anywhere else in the house. They applied bed bug treatment in the bedroom I was using, and I disposed of my bag and all the clothing I used during my biking tour. The pest control guys will conduct a follow-up visit to ensure that there is no bed bug infestation.

I went back to New Zealand after the reunion and I emailed Will a list of the places we can explore once he visits me. I am sharing it with you here because I am too excited.

Around the Mountains Cycle Trail

Every cyclist should try this trail when they are in New Zealand. This trail features the rustic landscape of Southland. This route takes two to three days to complete. But no need to worry because this trail is not isolated and there a lot of shops and people to meet along the way.

Queen Charlotte Track

This ride features the beautiful Queen Charlotte and Kenepuru Sounds. The unique experience in this track is the boat ride. There are water taxis that can shuttle your things in between your accommodation making it convenient for you to concentrate on your ride. The entire track could take two to three days to complete.

Roxburgh Gorge Trail

This trail could be completed in one day. However, due to the distance of the place, you need to book your biking tour ahead of time. A part of the track is inaccessible by land, so you need to ride a water taxi. There is a one-day pass that needs to be paid per person to access the trail. There is also no food and drink sellers along the path, so you need to bring them or eat before you start your journey.

There are other excellent cycling trails around New Zealand that you can explore.