Biking in Utah While Waiting For My Wife to Recover

biking-utahIt has been quite a year for me, while the end of the year is still two more months away; I just ended an interesting adventure. Earlier this year my wife decided that she was going to get some work done on her body, and being the supportive husband I decided to agree, but in return I was to choose where she would get the surgery, last year I had the pleasure to gain the friendship of a doctor from Utah, he was visiting New Zealand as part of his biking around the world tour. After accompanying him around, he told me that if I am ever in Utah, he would make some time to ride with me and show me around the state.

I called him and asked if he was acquainted to a plastic surgeon, and that I might have the chance to go and visit him and take up his offer. Luckily enough he knew a good number of great surgeons, and told me that in Utah mommy makeover surgery can relatively cost less than most places, and that he was also very much free during our stay.

I told my wife about the good news, and informed her that I would be biking around the state while she gets the procedure and spend time recovering. She allowed me to do so only if I were to pay for her stay in a resort of her choosing, which was only seem fair.

During my stay, my friend took me around and showed me a lot of great places, like Bike Zion and Eagle Mountain Bike Park. There were so many places to visit and discover in Utah,  my favorite place was Capitol Reef Scenic Drive, though we needed to pay three dollars to enter, it was very much worth it. Biking through eight miles of historic sites, rock formations hundreds of millions of years old, which so much natural beauty you just want to go again.

There were times that I was worried about my wife’s recovery, though every time I called she kept on telling me not to worry and that I should enjoy my trip, as she was enjoying hers.  She also reassured me by telling me that the doctors my friend introduced us to, did a great job and that she was recovering very well.

Knowing that everything was fine with my wife, I was free to enjoy every moment of the natural beauty of our biking adventure. Though we spent a good amount of time in Utah, I felt that the whole adventure ended quickly, but as we returned home I carried with me great memories of a wonderful outdoor adventure with a good friend.

I am also happy with the work the doctors did on my wife, apart from recovering well, she looked stunning. I can certainly say that when it came to plastic surgery, Utah might be one of the best places to go.