One Man’s Tool is Another Man’s Pleasure

New Zealand is such a beautiful place. Gorgeous sceneries and friendly locals. The beach has such pristine coastlines. If you’re ever thinking of visiting there, I suggest that you do. There are many ways to explore that wonderful area. If you’re young and also eager to do a little bit of exercising while you’re at it, I suggest bike cycling in New Zealand.

There are a lot of guides that would love to offer their services. Some are even free if you go in a group. You’ll get to see recommended locations for the best and most interesting sceneries they have to offer. A few years ago, my friends and I went there for a bike cycling tour. The experience just really struck us, and we have always wanted to take another memorable experience some time in the future.

Bike cycling is indeed a great recreational activity for all ages. One can go for bicycle touring, which my group of friends did in the past. One can also join organized rides, even mountain biking, among many other possibilities. Some even just uses the bike to relax and have a wonderful afternoon bike. Bike cycling with a group of friends is quite different though, and even more so if you are all doing it in a different country.

In 1817, Drais invented what he called the Laufmaschine. Translation, bicycle, technically it means running machine. Baron Karl von Drais, was a civil servant to the Grand Duke of Baden in Germany. Karl was one of the most creative German inventors, unfortunately he was mercilessly ridiculed by his contemporaries. Never the less, I’m quite grateful for his invention which led many people to enjoy this wonderful activity called bike cycling.

The very first bicycle was nothing like you see the ones today. Eventually it was improved to the more comfortable version that we all use. Discovering the convenience of such an invention, many people uses it daily for either working, exercising, or for pleasure. We created activities to further utilize the bicycle through racing competition or outdoor touring activities.

Bike cycling tours, in my opinion is one of the best activities you should do. Certainly, New Zealand is quite the best place for a bike cycling tour. However, there are also several other places you can tour using the bike. I strongly suggest you go with your friends on New Zealand, if you’re looking for a fun and memorable outdoor group activity.

I can only imagine that the inventor of the bicycle created this vehicle in order to shorten the time used to get from one point to another, with the most convenient method. Today, not only quite a lot of people are doing this, some has even went above and beyond with the capabilities of this wonderful invention. A lot of people may have ridiculed and viewed him as mentally incapable. However this may be due to jealousy or it’s just breaking the common sense at that time. Today, we see this invention as a convenient tool to help us with our work, please, and daily lives.