Outdoor Activity of the Soul

mountain-bikerThe world is such a beautiful place. The sky is so broad, some wonder how it would feel like to fly, and some pursue it through sky diving. Perhaps the gorgeous scenery of the mountains may attract you to do some hiking or camping. Remembering the wonderful scent of the ocean just drives you to go to the beach to swim, grill fish, and relax. All of these are outdoor activities.

To which outdoor activity caught your attraction? Most would either say an activity done on the ocean, and some would prefer the mountains. Have you ever thought of engaging through bike cycling? It’s a wonderful outdoor activity where you meet fun individuals. Let me share a little bit of my experience to help you decide, if you’re still wondering which would be more fun.

The plain and simple answer is that they are all fun. I would even suggest doing all of them. This option however consumes quite a lot of time. If you only have a little bit of time to spare, you could go with the most doable one. Depending on your location, you can engage on an enjoyable outdoor activity without consuming too much of your time going to the designated place.

In my experience, I mentioned bike cycling because my friends suggested we do it all together. Initially I was going for the beach, however with so much repetition of this activity, I’d like a change of scenery. This decision led me, and my friends, to New Zealand. I was quite glad to make that decision, because of that I acquired quite a memorable experience with my closest friend, and even making new ones.

My friend brought up this idea from a pamphlet she read offering a cycle tour in New Zealand. It appears that there’s actually quite a lot of cycle tours being offered, so we just chose one. You can choose any because the people in New Zealand are quite friendly and will be happy to answer questions. You also get to meet other groups and engage into friendly conversations. Even if you do this alone, it’s completely a wonderful experience.

Bike cycling in New Zealand is one of the safest place in the globe to explore around. The scenery is spectacular, leaving your breathless almost each time. Stops are suggested by guides where you can relax and take time taking photographs and sharing friendly conversation with the locals. There was even a time where we just stopped at a random place, staring at the horizon, admiring the beautiful view.

It was certainly fun taking a pleasurable outdoor activity with my friends, and I highly suggest that you do this with your group of friends as well. Even if it rained, we all just had so much fun, we just laughed it off. On the next stop, we were offered to enter a local person’s home and relax, change clothes or even take a shower. It was quite healthy for both the body and the soul, simply an astonishing experience.