The Great Thing about Biking in New Zealand

There are a lot of things I love about New Zealand, apart from the fact that the bike trails are amazing and always have jaw-dropping views; the whole country does not have any pests that could kill you. Sure there might be a few things that could bite you, maybe make something itch, but nothing too bad or excruciatingly painful. There aren’t any real big concerns to exterminate them once found in the house, unlike back home where a black widow would be best responded to a call to a good Pest Control Company Jackson.

The last time I biked through a path, or more specifically lost my way through a bike path, I had no concerns of something creeping or crawling up to me and giving me a fatal nibble. The country is so safe when it comes to pests and critters that I have thought of moving permanently to live here. A place where dangerous people, plants, and animals are at a relatively low enough level to raise children without worrying too much of what could hurt them while playing outside.

Biking in New Zealand allowed me to learn a lot about the country; there is no one great thing about the country, but the fact that there’s a lot fewer things that could kill you is probably at the top of the best things about it.